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Is Burgos Street Safe?

Filipino fireworks
Stay at safe distance, please: handmade fireworks on New Years Eve on corner of Burgos and Durban Street.
Generally speaking P. Burgos Street in Makati is very safe. Police patrols are constantly on the road controling traffic and people who appear to be shady. Crime rate is very low compared to other parts of Metro Manila and compared to red-light district… more »
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Stardust Bar

Manila girlie bar
Not far from the corner of Kalayaan Avenue budget patrons find a happy hour treasure inside Stardust bar. This club presents an extended Happy Hour with discounted drink for customers and ladies. Stardust bar is known for it's dance shows since it was j… more »
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Lockhard Road Wanchai

Makati's Burgos street bars have a fine reputation for nightly entertainment and it's reach is going international as Wanchai district in Hong Kong shows. Bars like New Makati Inn, Waikiki Night Club and Makati Pub and Disco offer amusement and dating p… more »
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Massage Girls

Massage Girls
While walking along Makati's Burgos Street it's not uncommon to be approached by attractive ladies. Most of the times they are doorgirls who want to solicit new customers for their employing establishments. Sometimes they are streetwalkers (and many of… more »
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Montana Bar

Montana Bar
To be honest, this place should be renamed to 'Vampire bar'. Their working girls are so greedy, they will try to milk out every little cent and penny out of your wallet. Shameless begging for tips, and re-negotiations make this place not so much fun. Ma… more »
  09/01/12, Tourist   , 99 words in Categories: Burgos Bars

High Heels Bar

High Heels
Across Kalayaan Avenue High Heels bar is neighbor to Monatana and Mixed Nuts (ladyboy bar). It's smaller than Billboard or Jools, but pretty much average for Padre Burgos Street bars of Makati City. Possibly, similar to Mascara or Rogues from authentici… more »
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Billboard Bar

Billboard Bar
Coyotee dancer inside popular Billboard bar
One of the most popular bars on Makati's night Mile: Billboard. On top of GRO entertainers and agogo dancers, there are coyotee girls dancing onstage. Highly attractive girls dance routines to popular RnB music. It's very relaxed place, but prices are h… more »
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Ivory Bar

Ivory Bar
Ivory and Jungle are two separate bars. Ivory is the bigger one with a lot of GROs
This was my very first bar I ever visited on P. Burgos Street and it was an expensive but fun experience. Like most other girlie bars in Makati City there are dancers who work for a daily salary and GRO's who work for lady drink commissions inside Ivory… more »
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Marscara Bar

Mascara Bar
Small but chique: Mascara bar is known for Happy Hour prices on drinks and beautiful Filipina ladies
Somewhere in the middle of Burgos Street, Mascara bar is house between Rascals and Billboard bars. They relocated on the second floor during second half of 2011. It's a small stage and dim lights providing for a very intimate feeling, a bit raunchy with… more »
  01/21/12, Tourist   , 127 words in Categories: Burgos Bars

Wow Wow Wow Bar

Wow Wow Wow
Just at the end of P. Burgos Street opposite of Jools Niteclub you find the most intimate and one of the cheapest girlie bars: Wow Wow Wow. I was just able to shoot a rather poor photo of the door sign as a securitt guard was harassing me. It's always t… more »

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Monkey business in Makati is conducted on P. Burgos Street. This strip of bars offers hot nightly entertainment for gents who seek company of exotic Filipina girls while watching dance shows and consuming cheap booze. Well, it's not that cheap, but a lot of fun.


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