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Is Burgos Street Safe?

Filipino fireworks
Stay at safe distance, please: handmade fireworks on New Years Eve on corner of Burgos and Durban Street.
Generally speaking P. Burgos Street in Makati is very safe. Police patrols are constantly on the road controling traffic and people who appear to be shady. Crime rate is very low compared to other parts of Metro Manila and compared to red-light district… more »
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Moonlight Hotel

iphone snap from Makati Avenue
Snapped this image with my iphone at night
There are many hotels on Burgos in Makati, but most of them are rather expensive. If you prefer smaller, cozy places for a small budget, try out Moonlight Hotel close to Mascara and Rascals bars. Warm place to stay for just 1200 Pisos a night. This is a… more »
Monkey business in Makati is conducted on P. Burgos Street. This strip of bars offers hot nightly entertainment for gents who seek company of exotic Filipina girls while watching dance shows and consuming cheap booze. Well, it's not that cheap, but a lot of fun.


Redlight Districts:

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