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Massage Girls

  11/06/12, Tourist   , 129 words in Categories: Burgos Bars

Massage Girls

Massage Girls
While walking along Makati's Burgos Street it's not uncommon to be approached by attractive ladies. Most of the times they are doorgirls who want to solicit new customers for their employing establishments. Sometimes they are streetwalkers (and many of them are not female if you know what I mean) who are provinind pleasures in short time hotels on Durban Street, Makati Avenue, Buendia or somewhere in Poblacion village. However, some of the street flirters are massage therapists or promo girls handing out business cards for legitimate massage shops. While massages in the Philippines lack quality compared to Indonesia and Thailand, they are cheap and relaxing. There is one spot between Rascals and Mascara bars offering Thai massage. Many other small shops are spread around Makati City and Metro Manila.

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Monkey business in Makati is conducted on P. Burgos Street. This strip of bars offers hot nightly entertainment for gents who seek company of exotic Filipina girls while watching dance shows and consuming cheap booze. Well, it's not that cheap, but a lot of fun.


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