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Montana Bar

  10/05/12, Tourist   , 118 words in Categories: Burgos Bars

Montana Bar

Montana Bar
To be honest, this place should be renamed to 'Vampire bar'. Their working girls are so greedy, they will try to milk out every little cent and penny out of your wallet. Shameless begging for tips, and re-negotiations make this place not so much fun. Maybe it was just a bad day in the office and others will experience better times. Their plush sitting areas are secluded and dark, while stage is lighted by spotlight for dancers. Very cozy feeling. Without GRO ladies this pace would be more entertaining. They wear mugh higher heels than in neighboring High Heels bar. Typical rythm as in other Makati gentlemen bars on our loved street named after famous celebrity Padre Burgos.

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Monkey business in Makati is conducted on P. Burgos Street. This strip of bars offers hot nightly entertainment for gents who seek company of exotic Filipina girls while watching dance shows and consuming cheap booze. Well, it's not that cheap, but a lot of fun.


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