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Wow Wow Wow Bar

  01/21/12, Tourist   , 127 words in Categories: Burgos Bars

Wow Wow Wow Bar

Wow Wow Wow
Just at the end of P. Burgos Street opposite of Jools Niteclub you find the most intimate and one of the cheapest girlie bars: Wow Wow Wow. I was just able to shoot a rather poor photo of the door sign as a securitt guard was harassing me. It's always the same problem with those uniform guys. Just because they have a gun they think they are so strong and don't respect laws that allow everybody to take photos while standing on public ground. Well, anyhow: it was a good reason to get inside Wow Wow Wow bar and I was treated with a lot of joy and happiness. It's a fun place for drinks and watching the ladies dance. They do know how to entertain customers.

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Monkey business in Makati is conducted on P. Burgos Street. This strip of bars offers hot nightly entertainment for gents who seek company of exotic Filipina girls while watching dance shows and consuming cheap booze. Well, it's not that cheap, but a lot of fun.


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